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dynamic display software for the distribution & planning of media

Neoscreen is an innovative, scalable and particularly powerful communication system. With just a few clicks, you can control all your dynamic display screens from your PC, wherever they may be in the world.

Neoscreen lets you react rapidly to the needs of the target audience, and intervene in real time.

Neoscreen makes the most of the numerous advantages of Internet technology so you can manage a dynamic targeted and effective communications strategy.

Neoscreen is a supervised dynamic display system designed to run 24/7.

Neoscreen is very easy to use. The software integrates exceptional tools based on animation and voice synthesis to rapidly produce your content.

Thanks to the modular design of the product, with the same ease, you can manage a single screen or a huge network of dynamic displays.

  • Neoscreen 1
  • Neoscreen 2
  • Neoscreen 3
  • Neoscreen 4
  • Neoscreen 5
  • Neoscreen 6


  • Management and distribution of all types of media: photos, videos, Powerpoint, slideshows, RSS feed, websites,...
  • Very simple planning thanks to distribution lists
  • Institutive concept of new generation dynamic messages
  • Single or multi screen management
  • Split screens (multi-zones)
  • Control of image walls
  • Supervision of the entire network, even with remote architecture
  • Local or remote management of messages and distribution lists
  • Library of graphic models included
  • Subscription free RSS feed: topical news, local, regional and national weather


  • Intuitive program
  • Intervention in real time
  • Management and supervision in local or remote mode
  • Media automatically resized
  • Library of media supplied
  • Multi-use software
  • User friendly design tools

Example uses

  • Internal communication
  • Hypermarket
  • Public bodies
  • Image walls

Set-up examples (3)

neoscreen implantation Luxembourg


Reception display, customer welcome, dynamic pricing

eWelcome is a customer welcome software, enabling dynamic pricing, that is to say you can present your services and rates.

Perfectly suited to the hotel trade, eWelcome lets you, among other things, manage your room rates, services, exchange rates and customer messages.

Its web interface means it is fully scalable and customisable, thus respecting your graphic identity.

  • eWelcome 1
  • eWelcome 2


  • Management of services and rates
    (by period or season)
  • Manage your exchange rates
  • Multi-lingual display
  • RSS feed (national and international news, local, regional and national weather...
  • Customer messages
  • Slideshows
  • Distribution lists (images, videos, Flash animations...)


  • Simple and immediate updating
  • Fully customised design to follow your graphic identity
  • Interacts with the customer
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Can be combined with eMeeting and Neoscreen

Example uses

  • Hotels: Room rates displayed at reception
  • Camping : Site rates, rentals
  • Thalasso therapy center : Service rates

Set-ups example (3)

eWelcome implantation


dynamic signage software for seminars & meeting rooms

eMeeting is a dynamic signage software, its main aim being to guide your customers to the right meeting, training or seminar room thanks to an arrow system.

In just a few clicks you can manage the occupancy of your rooms thanks to an intuitive planning window, boasting rapid access through a calendar, enabling you to record room occupancy in advance, while keeping the option of intervening in real time.

Automatic and very effective, the "frequency" option will let you manage recurrent events with a single entry, bringing about significant time savings for the person responsible for seminars.

eMeeting also includes a multimedia playlist management system and scrolling messages to welcome and inform your customers and visitors.

Perfectly suited to hotels and training centers, eMeeting can be used in any establishment which has meeting rooms.

Thanks to the flexibility of its Web architecture, eMeeting is fully customisable, guaranteeing you a made to measure and highly scalable product.

Display examples (room summaries and display)

  • eMeeting 1
  • eMeeting 2


  • Scheduling meetings
  • Recurrent events thanks to the "frequency" system
  • Management of meeting rooms
  • Management of access pictograms
  • Dynamic routing system
  • Management of decompartmentalisation of rooms
  • Multi-lingual display
  • Daily and weekly scheduling
  • Statistics module to calculate occupancy rates and billing for rooms
  • Print module
  • RSS feed (national and international news, local, regional and national weather...)
  • Customer messages
  • Slideshows
  • Distribution lists (images, videos, Flash animations...)


  • Scheduling in advance
  • Real-time intervention
  • Media automatically resized
  • Design can be fully customised to follow your graphic identity
  • Interacts with the customer
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Can be combined with eWelcome and Neoscreen

Example of uses

  • Hotels: Meeting and seminar rooms
  • Training centres

Set-up examples (2)

eMeeting implantation


interactive menu managing

eMenu is an application to the dynamic and interactive web map display. So you can manage a few clicks your dishes , menus, drinks , desserts etc...

Its flexibility allows it to be fully adapted to your corporate identity, both in color and design, but also in terms of the layout of your products.

  • eMenu
  • eMenu 2
  • eMenu 3
  • eMenu 4
  • eMenu 5


  • Free management and product categories : food, menus, drinks , desserts , starters, etc ...
  • Complete management of pricing : normal price, price per capacity, price per bottle, glass ...
  • Multilingual display
  • Products sorting
  • Custom layout
  • Media broadcasting: products photos and videos


Example of uses

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels


geographic search and guidance using interactive maps

KPLAN is a geographic search and guidance using interactive maps, specially developed for use on freely accessible interactive terminals and PCs.

Extremely open and intuitive, it is easy to create your maps, trace itineraries and publish them.

  • ePlan
  • ePlan 2
  • ePlan 3
  • ePlan 4
  • ePlan 5


  • Map design
  • Multi-level management
  • Full itineraries management, arrow drawing in few clicks
  • Multi-language display
  • Multi-establishment management
  • Virtual keyboard


  • Easy to use
  • Funny to use

Example of uses

  • Hospitals, clinics
  • Convention or seminar centers
  • Courts
  • Shopping centers
  • Public institutions
  • Tourist offices


secured browser for interactive terminals

KWOL is a software specially designed to provide secure browsing on free service interactive terminals.

Powerful and intuitive, KWOL gives a public simple and natural access to your automated services.

Easy to implement, and customisable, KWOL suits the needs of all organisations and companies.

  • kwol
  • kwol 2
  • kwol 3
  • kwol 4
  • kwol 5


  • Windows access protection
  • Keyboard and protocol locking
  • Bill printing system management
  • Remote maintenance
  • Start-up / shut-down scheduling
  • Multilingual system
  • Banner information management
  • Screensaver management
  • Payment peripheral control
  • Ergonomic virtual keyboard


  • Full installation control, with a behavioural and statistical analysis tool
  • Full customisable interface

Example of uses