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single/ multi screen modulable digital signage totem

Discover the new iTotem, and its modern and streamlined design.

Protected by a glass screen, it can house between 1 and 2 screens in portrait or landscape format, from 32 to 65 inches.

The aluminum frame can be customised, the front face bearing your logo, and the rear used as a noticeboard.

Equipped with wheels as an option, the eTotem can be moved to suit your needs. It can be fixed to the wall, and its slimline design means it can integrated well into existing or future surroundings.

iTotem ONE


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Standard configuration

  • 46" LCD screens
  • Intel Pentium G3240 Processor
  • 250 Go hard drive
  • 4Go RAM
  • Amplified speakers
  • Customisable (colour + motifs)

Current variants and options

  • 1/2 √©crans
  • 32"/42"/46"/55"/65"
  • Both sides mode
  • Touch screen
  • Backlit logo
  • Wireless network: Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G
  • Magnetic induction loop for the hard of hearing


  • Aluminium structure
  • Power: 110-220 V
  • Technical hatch