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dynamic display software for the distribution & planning of media

Neoscreen is an innovative, scalable and particularly powerful communication system. With just a few clicks, you can control all your dynamic display screens from your PC, wherever they may be in the world.

Neoscreen lets you react rapidly to the needs of the target audience, and intervene in real time.

Neoscreen makes the most of the numerous advantages of Internet technology so you can manage a dynamic targeted and effective communications strategy.

Neoscreen is a supervised dynamic display system designed to run 24/7.

Neoscreen is very easy to use. The software integrates exceptional tools based on animation and voice synthesis to rapidly produce your content.

Thanks to the modular design of the product, with the same ease, you can manage a single screen or a huge network of dynamic displays.

  • Neoscreen 1
  • Neoscreen 2
  • Neoscreen 3
  • Neoscreen 4
  • Neoscreen 5
  • Neoscreen 6


  • Management and distribution of all types of media: photos, videos, Powerpoint, slideshows, RSS feed, websites,...
  • Very simple planning thanks to distribution lists
  • Institutive concept of new generation dynamic messages
  • Single or multi screen management
  • Split screens (multi-zones)
  • Control of image walls
  • Supervision of the entire network, even with remote architecture
  • Local or remote management of messages and distribution lists
  • Library of graphic models included
  • Subscription free RSS feed: topical news, local, regional and national weather


  • Intuitive program
  • Intervention in real time
  • Management and supervision in local or remote mode
  • Media automatically resized
  • Library of media supplied
  • Multi-use software
  • User friendly design tools

Example uses

  • Internal communication
  • Hypermarket
  • Public bodies
  • Image walls

Set-up examples (3)

neoscreen implantation Luxembourg